Investment Literacy


Our investment literacy initiatives have been integrated in our business objectives and entrenched in the conduct of our business. As part of our commitment to prime move the Philippine capital markets, First Metro is steadfast in building awareness and educating the public about the capital markets using our core competencies as the biggest investment bank in the country.


First Metro regularly conducts Economic and Capital Markets Briefings in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, presenting economic forecast in the global and local scenes. Investment Literacy Seminars for investors and the general public are likewise held in different locations in Metro Manila and select provinces. Topics of discussion vary from diverse personal investment opportunities to taking control of finances, investment strategies, portfolio management and updated market landscape and outlook.


Furthering the reach of our investment literacy initiatives, First Metro launched in 2010 Stock X Challenge, the ultimate competition of online stock trading. The project aims to develop young investors, particularly college students, in investing in the stock market by educating them and providing them real world trading experience. In 2014, we founded  Bond Trading Challenge, another collegiate competition that uses a virtual bond trading platform where students can use various investment strategies and practice trading of fixed income securities. 


Promoting capital markets awareness



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