As an institution, we can only say we have succeeded in fulfilling our mission as the country’s prime mover of capital if we are able to contribute to making economic growth inclusive for all Filipinos.

Our CSR program, First Metro Inspires Cares, provides a more tangible demonstration of our values and ethics. It likewise
embodies management’s commitment to integrating CSR into the various aspects of our business.

Empowering Through Investment Literacy

Our investment literacy initiatives have been integrated in our business objectives and entrenched in the conduct of our business. As part of our commitment to
prime move the Philippine capital markets, First Metro is steadfast in building awareness and educating the public about the capital markets using our core competencies as the biggest investment bank in the country.

Reaching Out to Communities

An important aspect of social responsibility is how First Metro supports local communities, even those beyond where we operate. We are committed to
advancing quality education, helping the underprivileged, alleviating poverty, and other initiatives that uplift living conditions in communities.