2020 AR cover

We Move as One

2020 Annual Report


2020 was a challenging year and a largely unprecented time for business and the global economy. And while companies, investors, and employees are experiencing a great deal of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to build, unite, and work together through times of adversity. By moving as One Team, First Metro was able to build a stronger and more resilient organization.


A solid testament to its adaptability and resilience, having survived many crises in the past 57 years, was the recor number of deals that First Metro produced in  2020, fulfilling its mandate to be a prime mover in the domestic capital markets. To seize bigger opportunities in the "New Normal," First Metro is building a more agile, more focused, more integrated, and a more sustainable business in the years ahead.


2019 Annual Report

Turning Headwinds into Tailwinds

2019 Annual Report


In a year marked with many uncertainties — from trade wars that relegated investors to the sidelines, to weaker industrial production that slowed global growth, to business disruptions from natural disasters and calamities — First Metro Investment Corporation continued to display resilience as a prime mover of capital in the Philippines. Banking on its experience of more than half a century, the investment bank relied on its expertise, strength, and synergy with its parent company.


Demonstrating agility in tailor-fitting solutions to clients’ financing needs, strength and capability as a dependable partner of the government in nation-building, and finding opportunities for small investors to grow their wealth, First Metro is able to turn headwinds into tailwinds, propelling its growth now and into the future.

2018 Annual Report

Creating Opportunities in the New World

2018 Annual Report


After nearly two years of extraordinary calm, the global and local financial markets were again plunged in a period of turmoil in early 2018. Growing inflationary pressures and their impact on interest rates suddenly reawakened investors who have been lulled into the false sense of security of “cheap money”.

Welcome to this brave “New World” where the rise in volatility has now become part of the normal investment cycle. Against this backdrop, First Metro Investment Corporation continued to demonstrate its leadership and resilience to bounce back from challenging situations and navigate the turbulence. Banking on its more-than half-a-century experience and track record, seeing the Philippine economy through cycles of booms and busts, First Metro relies on its speed, strength, creativity, innovation, and deep understanding of the markets to spot opportunities and create value for its clients, and fulfill its role as the country’s prime mover of capital.

Building, Blazing, and Breaking New Ground

Building, Blazing, and Breaking New Ground

2017 Annual Report


After tackling the challenging business environment in 2016 head on, First Metro Investment Corporation has taken bigger strides in 2017, in step with the Philippine economy’s growth trajectory.


First Metro was able to strengthen its corporate governance and risk management culture, which lays the groundwork for BUILDING a more solid foundation in the years ahead.


In fulfilling its role as the country’s prime mover of capital, First Metro is not just serving the financing needs of large corporates and institutions, but is also BLAZING new trails with innovative solutions and a deep knowledge of the capital markets.


With a more robust financial and operational performance in 2017, First Metro now has greater confidence in BREAKING NEW GROUND to pursue opportunities in the region and beyond in the coming years.

Riding the Winds of Change

Riding the Winds of Change

2016 Annual Report


When the winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills, as one Chinese proverb says.


With a solid track record built over half a century of ebb and flow, First Metro Investment Corporation has already mastered the seas of change.


2016 was the year our company demonstrated its fundamental ability to execute. In a year characterized by heavy macroeconomic and political headwinds locally and globally, First Metro delivered strong underlying growth, underscoring the strength of our franchise, the unusual flexibility provided by our broad and well-balanced business strategy, and our proven ability to navigate challenging waters.


A concrete testament to our performance as a prime mover in the domestic capital markets, First Metro was named the Philippines’ “Best Investment Bank” by international publication Global Finance.


Banking on our long and stellar history as the leading investment bank in the Philippines, we are now setting our sights on making a name in a bigger arena: Asia. Our regional ambition has remained steadfast and unshakeable, even as the winds change their course.


We believe that every raging storm is followed by calmer sea, and whenever this happens, First Metro will always be in a position of strength to quickly ride on the winds of change.

Making a Name for Ourselves in the Region









Making a name for ourselves in the region

2015 Annual Report


Through most of our fifty-plus years in the business, First Metro wanted to be the best. Then we were. Less than a decade ago, we saw that we had achieved our goals, become the dominant leader in investment banking, risen to the top in our field. We realized it was time to raise the bar, to look farther. And so we turned our gaze to the region. Now we want to be a name that matters in Asia. It’s the right time to think bigger, too. Globalization is upon us, and so is ASEAN integration. Regional trade arrangements, not to mention the struggles of many economies around the globe, have helped bring this part of the world to its attention. The opportunity is there for the taking. We will make our mark here. We will make a name for ourselves in the region.

 Making Your Growth Our Business





Making Your Growth Our Business

2014 Annual Report


Like the strong, healthy base that allows a tree to blossom and bear fruit, First Metro Investment Corporation catalyzes growth across the economy. The investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group, First Metro is now the prime mover of the capital markets with more than half a century of success behind us. We recognize, though, that our remarkable performance is intertwined with the success of our partners.


The burgeoning of our many private partners across important industries — finance, technology, manufacturing, transport, consumer, power, and many others — as well as of the government itself tells us that we have done well. We helped them unlock their value by tapping the capital markets. Just as the ripe fruit of a tree denotes a strong, sturdy foundation, our success can be known by how well our partners thrive.


We look forward to deepening these relationships and forging new ones. We shall continue nurturing the capital markets so as to bring them to an even greater flourishing.




50 Years of Putting You First

2013 Annual Report


First Metro Investment Corporation celebrates its fiftieth year of existence, and what a half century it has been. After years of fostering the development of the country's capital markets as the investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group, we now find ourselves atop the industry. Unequaled in asset size, engaged year after year in the lion's share of all transactions in the capital markets and producing astounding income results — First Metro could not have come so far without its most important partner: You.

If First Metro has made a name for itself with its service excellence, its innovation and its leadership, this is a gratifying byproduct of putting you first. Mobilizing capital for our clients, both private corporations and government agencies, has put us on the relentless pursuit of excellence, excellence that redounds to your benefit. Our many awards and distinctions are testament to the esteem to which we hold you, our clients, our partners.

May the next fifty years bring this partnership to even greater heights.







Philippines Growth, First Metro Story

2012 Annual Report


The Philippine story is a story of transformation. Once known as the "sick man of Asia," the country has emerged as the "best economic success story" in a world that is increasingly dominated by uncertainty and pessimism. In the past, the economy has often exhibited its resilience, bucking global headwinds and sidestepping economic tailspins. Now the world is taking notice, not because it has dodged another doom, but because positive, meaningful change is happening and inviting everyone to ride in the crest of growth. 


The story of First Metro Investment Corporation encapsulates the Philippines' success story. For half a century now, the country's leading investment bank has not only been a witness to the ups and downs of the Philippine capital markets, it has also played an active role in the nation's march towards economic progress, both as a prime mover of capital and a driver of inclusive growth. The Philippines' success is First Metro's success.

2011 annual report





Delivering Results in Every Direction

2011 Annual Report


As the leading investment bank in the country, First Metro Investment Corporation is focused on delivering results that meet our clients' objectives while fulfilling our role as a prime mover in the development of the Philippine capital markets.


Whether it's issuing corporate and government bonds, syndicating long-term debt capital, uncovering investment opportunities or extending loans for buyouts, we are prepared to solve the greatest of challenges and meet the most pressing of needs.


Every need is different, as is every organization and its challenges. We at First Metro Investment understand this. Our proven approach to solving challenges and delivering results in every direction has helped our clients respond to sudden market shifts and global challenges. And every direction has also led us to the path of success and recognition — locally and internationally.





Creating Opportunities, Executing Possibilities

2010 Annual Report


First Metro Investment Corporation, the prime mover in the development of capital markets, is committed to create opportunities and execute every possibility. 


We are steadfast in our vision of becoming the leading financial institution in the country with higher aspiration to become a serious player in the regional markets. We make things happen and we will continue to do the same; turning around seemingly impossible transactions into promising and successful deals; tapping untouched resources; and forging strategic partnerships.


We will take advantage of limitless business opportunities, keep our dynamism and surpass our own achievements.charge and take the lead in providing innovative financial solutions. We do not wait for a window of chance; rather we open that door of opportunity to serve our clients, our stakeholders, our partners and our community as a whole. We are always prepared and responsive to the challenges of the times.






Market Moves

2009 Annual Report


In 2008, the sky fell, global markets collapsed, and a financial tsunami wiped out age-old institutions. The Philippine economy held its own and demonstrated its resilience in 2009.  


However and whichever way the markets move, investors can turn to First Metro Investment Corporation as their guiding light. The wholly owned investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group has proven rocksteady in its role in developing the country's capital markets. It now ranks among the best private companies in the ASEAN region.


In its 2009 annual report, First Metro tells its story as a prime mover. The image of a flight announcement board was used to provide a snapshot of the outstanding deals First Metro managed in 2009 for firms that came "on board" by entrusting their funding needs with the leading Philippine investment bank.