Making Your Growth Our Business

2014 Annual Report

Like the strong, healthy base that allows a tree to blossom and bear fruit, First Metro Investment Corporation catalyzes growth across the economy. The investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group, First Metro is now the prime mover of the capital markets with more than half a century of success behind us. We recognize, though, that our remarkable performance is intertwined with the success of our partners.

The burgeoning of our many private partners across important industries — finance, technology, manufacturing, transport, consumer, power, and many others — as well as of the government itself tells us that we have done well. We helped them unlock their value by tapping the capital markets. Just as the ripe fruit of a tree denotes a strong, sturdy foundation, our success can be known by how well our partners thrive.

We look forward to deepening these relationships and forging new ones. We shall continue nurturing the capital markets so as to bring them to an even greater flourishing.

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