These are promissory notes* issued by First Metro, earning a competitive interest rate at an affordable minimum investment requirement.


Product Features


Minimum Investment Requirement 



Usually quoted 1-3 months up to 1 year


Varies daily depending on market and tenor

Interest Computation

Simple Interest Computation


Principal x Net Rate x Tenor


Tax Feature

Subject to the 20% final withholding tax


Promissory Note

Liquidity Policy

First Metro will impose penalty depending on the remaining tenor of the instrument. Subject to Documentary Stamp taxes upon pre-termination for the account of the client (P1.50 for every P200.00 multiplied by the remaining term, divided by 365 days).

Trading Hours

Cut-off time is 12:00 p.m.

*This Promissory Note is not a deposit and therefore, is not insured or governed by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation.


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