As one of the biggest investment banks in the Philippines, First Metro Investment Corporation is in a unique position to move the capital markets and serve as a catalyst for economic growth.


The investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group has a 55-year track record in origination, structuring, execution, and distribution. First Metro offers a complete suite of products and services: debt and equity underwriting, loan syndication, project finance, financial advisory, government securities and corporate debt trading, equity brokering, asset management, and research.


Through the years, First Metro has lived up to its vision: to be the leading investment banking institution and prime mover in the development of the Philippine capital markets. As a staunch partner of the public and private sectors, First Metro helps mobilize capital to fuel and sustain their growth and ultimately spur the country's economic development.


The investment bank has earned a solid reputation for its creativity, innovation, and timely execution. It has proven its ability to create value and opportunities, as well as provide solutions that are pioneering, game changing, and responsive to the needs of both issuers and investors.


  • Moving Capital. First Metro has perennially dominated the domestic fixed income market, accounting for the lion's share of capital markets transactions and helping pillars of the industry address their funding requirements through bond issuances.


  • Deepening the Market. True to its mission to deepen the capital markets, the company has developed innovative products such as the first exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the country, the First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange-Traded Fund; project notes (for Hedcor Sibulan's P4.1 billion project notes facility) involving an SPV and non-bank institutions as investors; the month fixed rate notes with tenors of 18 and 24 months (for Toyota Financial Services, ORIX METRO, and PSBank); the first AMBIF (ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework) in the Philippines (for ÆON Credit), to name a few.


  • Widening Investor Base. To entice more Filipinos to become investors and to promote investment literacy, First Metro pioneered the issuance of financial market instruments such as the Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs), Multi-Currency Bonds, and On-shore Dollar Bonds that help boost the National Government's fiscal position in addition to encouraging small investors and savings mobilization. Since the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) launched its first RTB issuance in 2001, there have been 22 issuances and a total of P2.3 trillion funds raised as of end-2018.


  • Addressing Project Financing NeedsFirst Metro has long been supporting the country address its infrastructure requirements, particularly in power, transportation, and airports by raising the much-needed capital and offering innovative project financing solutions to public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and private consortiums.


  • Bringing New NamesTo further grow the capital markets, the company has also been introducing new names to the capital markets such as Wilcon Depot, a family business that's now a household name and a globally investable company.