Ayala Land, Inc.’s Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2028 and 2033

Ayala Land is the largest and most diversified real estate conglomerate in the Philippines. It is engaged in land acquisition, planning, and development of large scale, integrated, mixed-use, and sustainable estates, industrial estates, development and sale of residential and office condominiums, house and lots, and commercial and industrial lots, development and lease of shopping centers and offices, co-working spaces, and standard factory buildings and warehouses, and the development, management, and operation of hotels and resorts and co-living spaces. The Company is also engaged in construction, property management, retail electricity supply and airline services.

For more information on Ayala Land visit, https://www.ayalaland.com/

Terms of the Offer

Issuer Ayala Land, Inc.
Issue Fixed-rate bonds (the “Bonds”) constituting the direct, unconditional, unsecured and general obligations of the Issuer.
Issue Amount Principal amount of ₱14,000,000,000.00, with an Oversubscription Option of up to ₱5,000,000,000.00.
Maturity Date Series A Bonds: 5 years from the Issue Date

Series B Bonds: 10 years from the Issue Date

Final Interest Rate 5 years: 6.0253% per annum

10 years: 6.2948% per annum

Interest Interest on the Bonds shall be calculated on a European 30/360-day count basis and shall be paid quarterly in arrear.
Form and Denomination Issued in scripless form in minimum denominations of ₱50,000.00 each, as a minimum, and in multiples of ₱10,000.00 thereafter.
Call Option In whole and not in part based on the schedule below:

Series A Bonds:
Call Option Dates Call Option Price
8th to 11th Interest Payment Date 101.50%
12th to 15th Interest Payment Date 101.00%
16th to 19th Interest Payment Date 100.50%
Series B Bonds:
Call Option Dates Call Option Price
20th to 23rd Interest Payment Date 102.50%
24th to 27th Interest Payment Date 102.0%
28th to 31st Interest Payment Date 101.50%
32nd to 35th Interest Payment Date 101.00%
36th to 39th Interest Payment Date 100.50%
Offer Period June 13 – 19, 2023
Issue Date June 26, 2023
Rating PRS Aaa by PhilRatings
Listing Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corporation (“PDEx”)
First Metro’s Role Joint Lead Underwriter and Bookrunner

Final Prospectus

Investors are strongly advised to carefully read the contents of the Final Prospectus, together with the financial statements attached thereto.

Download a copy of the Final Prospectus.

Contact Details

Any questions related to the Bond Offering may be directed to the following representatives.

Bernard Paco

Email Address: bernard.paco@firstmetro.com.ph

Carlenn Domanais

Email Address: carlenn.domanais@firstmetro.com.ph